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Light of the Nations. Vol. 1. Contemporary Reflections on the Second Vatican Council

Edizioni Carmelitane

Light of the Nations. Vol. 1. Contemporary Reflections on the Second Vatican Council


Redemptus M. Valabek, O. Carm. 
2013 | 247 p., ill. | ISBN: 978-88-7288-139-2 

This book offers a collection of essays by Fr. Redemptus Valabek, O. Carm., that were originally printed in Carmel in the World. They offer perspectives on various topics as they relate to both the experience and doctrine of Vatican II and the Carmelite perspective. It is a wonderful source of historical, theological, and spiritual reflection.
Carmelites contribution during the Second Vatican Council. The book that we have the pleasure to offer you, are representative of the topics covered by the Second Vatican Council, where the Carmelites have participated in several sessions.
"In these articles, P. Redemptus touches a wide range of issues and questions .... The author describes some of the most interesting moments of the history of the 20th century, from a series of sessions of the Second Vatican Council II and debates held on important issues both within the Council room and beyond." Fernando Millán Romeral, O. Carm. Prior General
Tags : Carmelites and the Council, Christian prayer, Language of the Liturgy, The Laity, Religious Liberty, Sacraments, The Saints, Christ the Saviour, Fraternity, Authority is Service, Life and the Ecumenical movement, Use of Silence, Mary's place in Carmel, The Vows, All Christians are Priests, The Heart of Liturgy.


FERNANDO MILLÁN ROMERAL - A witness to the Council and to the evolution of the Order and the Church in the 20th century

The Unity of Prayer Life
Resurrecting Easter
The Bishops look at the Liturgy
The Searching Church
AWorld to be Loved
Move towards Modernity
Brotherly Love
Tottering Clericalism
Preview of the Last Session
Poverty at the Council
To encounter Christ
A Church to be Renewed

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