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Celebrating St. Albert and His Rule. Rules, Devotion, Orthodoxy and Dissent

Edizioni Carmelitane

Celebrating St. Albert and His Rule. Rules, Devotion, Orthodoxy and Dissent


Edited by Michelle M. Sauer and Kevin J. Alban, O. Carm.
2018, 353 p., 64 t.f.t. a colori

The Carmelite Rule has had many interpretations and readings. It is true that in recent decades, scientific studies have multiplied and we can assert without exaggeration, that today we know the Rule better than in any other period. Nevertheless, because of that very richness, those multiple dimensions and readings (biblical, canonical, spiritual, literary, prophetic and so on), because of the possibilities that the Rule contains for different ages, and above all because it is a living text that is still spoken of today, new perspectives and studies are always welcome.

This book is a collection of articles that can help us understand better the deep and metahistorical sense of the Carmelite Rule. Its articles provide great wealth and interdisciplinary character.

The origins of this work go back to the VII centenary of the Rule which was celebrated in 2007. To mark that event a series of meetings and conferences were organized. Among them was a study day on the Rule during the International Medieval Congress which takes place every year in the University of Leeds in the UK. This book contains the conferences at that study day.

Part I: Devotion & the Rule

Patrick Mullins, O. Carm.: The Carmelite Rule: Text and Authors
Patrick T. McMahon, O. Carm.: The Hermit Community on Mount Carmel, c. 1207 CE
Markus Schürer: Monks, Mendicants, or Hermits: Who Were the Medieval Carmelites?
Paul Chandler, O. Carm.: The Rule in the Context of Carmelite Identity Formation: Risking Existence, Establishing Identity
Michelle M. Sauer: The Fifteenth-Century Carmelite Rule of St. Linus for Hermits: Contexts, Controversies, and Albertine Influences

Part II: Orthodoxy & Dissent in England

Kevin J. Alban, O. Carm.: Fighting Lollardy with the Rule: Thomas Netter and the Doctrinale
Valerie Edden: Visual Images as a Way of Defining Identity: The Case of the Reconstructed Carmelite Missal
Naoë Kuki ta Yoshik awa: Margery Kempe and Felip Ribot’s “Liber de institutione primorum monachorum”
Tamás Karáth: Richard Misyn’s Transmission of Rollean Mysticism within and beyond the Carmelite Community
William Rogers: “Homo vanitati adsimilatus:” The Performance of Poverty and Payment in Richard Maidstone’s Penitential Psalms
The Rule of Saint Albert

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