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Un Giornalista Martire: Padre Tito Brandsma

Edizioni Carmelitane

Un Giornalista Martire: Padre Tito Brandsma


Fausto Vallainc
1961 | 238 p. | Ean: 5000094703534. (Ancora Editrice)

Twenty-five years after the first draft, F. Vallainc, then Council spokesman at the Vatican Press Office for years and now Bishop of Alba, has taken over the biography of Titus Brandsma (Bolsward 1881 - Dachau 1942), a Dutch Carmelite, university professor, ecclesiastical advisor to journalists and himself a journalist. The result is a scrupulously documented biography, effective in style, attentive to the historical context of one of the most tragic periods of civilisation.

"In the itinerary and ordeal of Father Brandsma-- writes R. Manzini in the preface-- there is in iscorciosity the whole of Europe in the tragic twilight of anti-Christian ideologies, the Europe of Nazism and racism, causes of social crimes among the most atrocious in living memory; Europe at the crossroads between the idolatry of blood, icy and atrocious more than ancient idolatries, and the survival of human values that are necessarily rational, spiritual, supernatural, evangelical values. In this duel between truth and error, between the Gospel and the anti-Gospel, between the human and the sub-human, the example of the little Carmelite from Friesland, a religious and a journalist, an apostle of charity and freedom, rises to the value of a symbol of an age. Father Brandsma is the image of Christian consistency disarmed but invincible, humble and always victorious'.

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