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St. Andrew Corsini, Carmelite (c. 1302-72) A Documentary Biography

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St. Andrew Corsini, Carmelite (c. 1302-72) A Documentary Biography


Patrick Mullins, O. Carm.
2024 | 396 p. | ISBN: 978-88-7288-232-0

The first of a two-volume documentary biography of St. Andrew Corsini, a 14th century Italian Carmelite. Corsini was a lecturer in theology, prior provincial of the Tuscan Province of Carmelites, and a reforming bishop of Fiesole, near Florence. During his term as provincial, the area was hit by a plague during which many died. The relevant documents are translated and analyzed in order to clarify the vaious disputed questions concerning the life of St. Andrew. These include such historical issues as the nobility or otherwise of the Corsini family, the identity of his mother, the years of his birth and episcopal election. Some specifically documentary issues are also considered, notably that concerning the apparent contradiction between the evidence of the Ricordanze of St. Andrew’s brother and the two earliest extant Lives of the Saint from the 15th century, concerning the Saint’s date of birth.
Patrick Mullins, O. Carm., is a member of the Irish Province and Carmelites and is Director of Studies for the Carmelite Institute of Britain and Ireland (CIBI). He is the author of various articles and author or editor of several books on St. Albert of Jerusalem and Carmelite St. Peter Thomas.

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