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O. Hilary Januszewski

Edizioni Carmelitane

O. Hilary Januszewski


Stanisław Wysocki, O. Carm.
2013 | 120 p., ill.

The book, giving the reader insight into this Carmelite's life and ultimate gift of his own life for other prisoners, is written in Polish, English, Italian and Spanish.

From its formation till the present day, the history of the Christian Church abounds in stories of Christian martyrs shedding blood for their faith. Even the twentieth century with its numerous wars and dictatorships witnessed the martyrdom of daughters and sons of the Lord in many countries and corners of the world. The period of the Second World Wor and Nazi occupation was particularly stained with war damage and the blood of millions of innocent victims. These were the times of ruthless persecution of the Church; times when the Church spoke through numerous martyrs giving their lives for their faith. In this dramatic fight between good and evil, the Church in Poland with its martyrs proving that they abode by God's law and essential Christian values by unhesitatingly sacrificing their lives was no exception. Among thousands of priests, monks and nuns who gave a strong testimony to their faith, whose blood bathed and fertilized our soil to bear a hundredfold fruit in the nation always faithfully standing by the Christ and Gospel, the Carmelites whose seven monks died for their faith and country opened a glorious page of martyrdom. One of those heroes was the blessed father Pawel Januszewski — a martyr from Dachau.

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