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Silent Presence: Discernment as Process and Problem

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Silent Presence: Discernment as Process and Problem


Ernest E. Larkin, O. Carm.
1981 (Reprinted and Updated:  | 76 pp. | ISBN: 978-1-936742-23-3

Until recently discernment has not been a high priority among Catholics. We have lived off rules of thumb in doctrine and practice, preferring assembly line religion to a personal and custom-made response to God from deep within our own lives. 

The term “discernment” perhaps seems too sophisticated for most. But it is very simple concept. Spirituality is the Spirit acting within us and discernment is the awareness of that action. Discernment, according to Fr. Larkin, is the process of identifying God’s will in our life. The will of God in our life is less a specific plan and more a movement.

We have seldom connected our lives with the New Testament teaching that Christianity is a Person, Jesus Christ, and that he lives on in us through the Spirit, who leads us back to the Father. We have neglected the personal action of the Spirit in our life, the mystery of the two freedoms, God’s and our own, touching and interacting with one another. Simple concept although more difficult to master. This book is for those on the journey to achieve that mastery.

This book is also available as an ebook (ISBN: 978-1-936742-28-8) Carmelite Media:




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