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Mary, Mother of Carmel: Our Lady and the Saints of Carmel, Vol. 1

Edizioni Carmelitane

Mary, Mother of Carmel: Our Lady and the Saints of Carmel, Vol. 1


Redemptus M. Valabek, O. Carm. 
1987  (Second printing: 2001) | 314 p., 4 color illi | ISBN: 978-88-72 88-005-0 

Mary, the Patroness of Carmel, serves as model, inspiration, and companion for every Carmelite as they endeavour to follow Jesus Christ. In this volume, Fr. Valabek examines how Mary influenced the lives and spirituality of Carmel, and particularly of fifteen different Carmelites. These figures include St. Teresa of Avila, St. Mary Magdalene de' Pazzi, Ven. Michael of St. Augustine and Ven. Marie Petijt.
Fr. Redemptus Valabek, here presents the story of Carmel's particular devotion to the Mother of the Lord.
Mary, Mother of Carmel, however, is not based merely on his love of what has been: it is solidly gorunded in the here and now. He draws upon the past, to be sure, but only as a plateau from which he would lead us through the present and into the future.
Fr. Valabek shows us the impotance of Mary today: the Mary of the Bible, the Woman of Pentecost, the Mother of the Church.
This work, to appear in two volumes, examines the early documents of Carmelite Order and the written reflections of Carmel's brothers and sisters through the centuries to the present time.

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